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ultra soft and fluffy bread white loaf
ultra soft and fluffy white loaf

Order . Bake . Deliver the same day

What you get is freshest bread possible

Feb 5, 2021, it’s time to reveal the secret of bread at bread secret

Everything begins with the idea of bread secret’s baker, who is also a mother, to make healthier bread for her child with natural and reliable ingredients.

We care for quality of bread, and whether you could have the freshest bread possible

At bread secret, we freshly bakes a regular number of bread daily in our own bakery house, a clean, hygienic and licensed food production house. Your order will be delivered on the same day, so what you receive is bread right out of our oven.

You may place order anytime anywhere on our website, even in the mid-night. Having said that, in order to assure you have the freshest bread possible, our daily order cut-off time is 4PM for same day delivery, i.e. if you order before 4pm on business day (Monday to Saturday, except public holiday), your order will be delivered to you on the same day.

However, we understand delivery takes time and it might be expensive, you may choose to collect your order at our bakery house instead. Just one important point to note, for order made before 4pm, you must collect your order on the same day as your place your order, this is to guarantee what you receive is the freshest bread possible.

For orders made after 4pm or on a non-business day (Sunday and public holiday), we will process your order when business resumes, usually in the morning of the next business day, and that also means everything from ingredients preparation (except those requires long time fermentation) to baking will only begin when business resumes. Again, order made before 4pm will be ready for delivery or pick-up on the same day.

Our breads are all handmade, only limited stock can be baked a day.

In the future, the baker would hope to share her baking technique. So stay tune on our social media for more updates. 🙂