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Happy Chinese New Year of Ox

Closed on Feb 11 to 15, resume business on Feb 16

From our opening day till now, there were too much happenings in bread secret. We would like to express our gratitude for your support, encouragement, and tolerance. As a start-up, there is so much room for improvement, whether it is our products, ordering procedures, delivery arrangements, etc. We will continue to work humbly and bake better bread, and provide you with the most convenient and efficient service.

bread secret will be closed from Feb 11 to 15, and resumed business on Feb 16.

While most people will be having their family reunion dinner on Chinese New Year’s Eve, we would like to do the same thing with our families too.

We will still be accepting orders during Chinese New Year

Order before 4pm on Feb 10

If you place your order before 4pm on Feb 10, you will receive your order via delivery the same day, or you may pick-up at our bakery house 4pm to 7pm on Feb 10.

Order placed after 4pm on Feb 10

All orders placed after 4pm on Feb 10, or any day before Feb 16 will be processed on Feb 16, and ready to ship or pickup on Feb 16.

In the coming year, our focus will still be on quality of bread, and whether you could have the freshest bread possible.

We have gone through a year of toughness and pandemic, let’s hope for the best, and we wish you all a prosperous new year ahead! xxoo