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French Pudding Bread

$26.00 each

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French pudding bread is crispy on the outside, the pudding in the center is rich and tender, and the middle layer is moist and soft, soaking up the pudding liquid.

The bread is made using the same recipe as the traditional french baguette, only with basic ingredients include flour, sugar, salt and butter, and the added levain to enhance the aroma of wheat. Always reheat this bread before serving to regain crispiness on its crust.

Pudding filling is freshly prepared every day using egg yolk, cream, milk, and sugar. It is rich in egg flavour and melts right in your mouth, which is very different from the egg custard that is made with custard powder.



Serving Suggestion
Best to serve warm for soft bread with crispy crust. To reheat, bake at 180-200 degrees for 3-5 minutes.

Storage Suggestion
No preservative. Store in plastic bag at room temperature and consume within 2 days.

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Weight 163 g