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Japanese Bo Lo Bun with Butter

$40.00 / 2 pieces

***For limited time only, from 11/12 to 23/12***

This is not a Hong Kong Bo Lo Bun, nor a Japanese Melon Bun.

Instead of adding ammonia powder like the Hong Kong style, or adding sugar as the Japanese style, butter is used for the bread crust. The crust is biscuit-like, not flaky as Hong Kong style or sugary as Japanese style.

An authentic Hong Kong style Bo Lo Yau (Bo Lo Bun with Butter) has a thick slice of butter inserted into the middle of the bun before serving, but this is too fortunate for an online bakery until Bread Secret opens a physical shop. Instead, a large dollop of butter is added to the bread before baking. The melted butter blends perfectly with the fragrant, warm, and pillowy-soft bun with biscuit-like crust on the top that has become the Bread Secret’s Bo Lo Bun with Butter.



Serving Suggestion
Best served hot. To reheat, lightly spray water on the surface of the bread, then bake at 180-200 degrees for 2-3 minutes.

Storage Suggestion
No preservative. Store in plastic bag at room temperature and consume within 2 days.

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Weight 328 g