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***Christmas limited, from 11/12 to 23/12***


Not imported from Milan, did not go on an air freight, no additives or preservatives, this is a real deal 560g Panettone freshly baked in Hong Kong.


In addition to gingerbread men at Christmas, there is also panettone, a large fruity enriched sweet bread from Italy, commonly known as Christmas bread, which is a popular food on Christmas. This bread was named “pane di tono” by a Milanese writer Pietro Verri, which means gorgeous, luxurious bread. Among bakers, Panettone is often referred as The King of Bread.


The traditional Panettone is very particular on fermentation, involve bathing Pasta Madre, a traditional Italian sourdough starter in a water for 6 to 9 hours to inhibit the acidity of the starter, and also mixing the dough twice. The pores within the bread are usually in the shape of a straight strip, with a soft and delicate texture, and silky when it is torn.


Because of the soft texture and sweet dried fruit flavour, panettone is often served as dessert, coupled with a cup of tea or coffee as the best breakfast or afternoon tea. Cream cheese or mascarpone cheese can be added for extra flavour and smoother taste. In Italy, there is also a way to sprinkle icing sugar on panettone as dessert, and paired with sweet and refreshing sparkling wine for a perfect combination of afternoon tea.


As a result of the special fermentation method, the aroma of panettone gets stronger and stronger till it fills into the bread completely. The best serving period is 3 days after it is baked. It can be stored for half to a year at room temperature in the drier European and American regions, but about a week at room temperature in the more humid Asia. You may slice the bread, wrap it in plastic and store in refrigerator for longer period. Toast and reheat it before serving to enjoy a moist and fluffy Christmas bread.



Serving Suggestion
Serve directly. Or slice the bread and reheat on a pan for 30 seconds each side.

Storage Suggestion
No preservative. Store in plastic bag at room temperature and consume within a week. Or slice the bread, wrap it in plastic and store in refrigerator for longer period.

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Weight 560 g