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Peeled Chilli Pork Bun

$44.00 / 2 pieces

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This is not the usual pork bun you can swipe off from dim sum trolleys. The bun itself is chewy and  crispy on the outer layer with strong wheat flavour instead of the usual Mantou (Chinese style white steamed bun). While the classic pork bun is sweet with savoury pork filling, this bun is filled with juicy homemade pork filling mixed with peeled chilli that gives a hint of spiciness.



Serving Suggestion
Best served hot. To reheat, lightly spray water on the surface of the bread, then bake at 180-200 degrees for 2-3 minutes.

Storage Suggestion
No preservative. Keep in sealed container and refrigerated. Consume as soon as possible.

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Weight 268 g